Greetings NOMA!

Spring has sprung and as I embark upon my second quarter as NOMA President, I am more excited than ever about the future of our organization and the profession of architecture. We are in the midst of a period of strong growth and progress that we can all rally around as a new movement towards a more diverse and sustainable building industry.

President Kimberly Dowdell
Kimberly Dowdell, Architect, Speaker, Traveler and 2018-2019 President of NOMA

Some of you may know that I’ve had the opportunity to visit some of our chapters (or future chapters) throughout the country and collaborate with both the AIA Equity and the Future of Architecture Committee (EQFA) and the AIA Large Firm Round Table (LFRT) over the past few months. NOMA is looking to establish deeper relationships with other industry partners as well and I look forward to sharing those collaboration details with you as these partnerships are further solidified. Stay tuned.

I am very proud to share that General Motors has sponsored a new initiative with NOMA, called the GM + NOMA Stem Summer Success program. We are currently working with our NOMA Project Pipeline leadership team to design an exciting new curriculum for our participating students this Summer. NOMA will help students gain exposure to architecture in middle/high school, while also supporting the prevention of Summer Learning Loss (SLL), which disproportionately impacts minority youth.

As NOMA builds more and more capacity, it is our desire to activate more of our members to support the efforts that will help advance our mission. In the near term, we are looking to recruit volunteers to support our revamped Communications Committee as well as our newly formed Advocacy Committee, geared towards our professional members who are firm owners. If you are interested in supporting either of these important efforts, please keep an eye out for a call for nominations via NOMA News. We hope to have these committees mobilized by our Q2 board meeting in May.

As always, I would like to thank our incredibly hard working NOMA board for all of their contributions to this organization. It is an honor to serve alongside such a stellar group. Many thanks to our new and long-standing members for your support of my ambitious agenda for 2019-2020. Together, we can achieve great things to create better Access, Leadership and Legacy building in our profession. Let’s go ALL in for NOMA!

Best Regards,
Kimberly N. Dowdell
2019-2020 NOMA President