The Fastest Growing Student Design Competition in the Country

When the student competition began there were only a few schools and the entire event could be managed in a single room with a couple of proctors. Today’s Barbara G. Laurie Student Design Competition includes SCORES of teams requiring a huge percentage of the conference rooms and resources just to process them all. It’s an exhilarating experience because the diverse teams put an incredible amount of work into their sophisticated entries and each one is judged by superlative designers from around the globe.

The Nostrand Hype Development

“It’s called Gentrification. It’s what happens when the property value of a certain area is brought down, *they* can buy the land at a lower price. Move all the people out, raise the property value and sell it at a higher price.” Boyz N The Hood,1991

The Challenge

A local developer has purchased a block of vacant houses in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn and plans to create a mixed-income residential development that includes commercial, retail and community spaces. To address the city’s depleting housing stock, the project must maximize the number of residential units and provide multiple housing typologies. In the residential portion, approximately 20% of units should be independent senior living, 30% of units should be designated as affordable housing, and 50% of units may be market rate. The developer was able to purchase all but one of the properties on the lot. Propose a design solution that navigates the development of the site with this homeowner in mind.